Connection settings

Defining a server

[Server]host (Required) (Must be set in init.cfg) (String)

The IRC host to connect to.

[Server]port = 6667 (Must be set in init.cfg) (Int)

The port to connect to.

[Server]ssl = no (Must be set in init.cfg) (Bool)

Use SSL? Don’t forget to adjust the port if you do.

[Server]username = (Must be set in init.cfg) (String)

Username when connecting. (Not the nickname.)

[Server]password = (Must be set in init.cfg) (String)

Password when connecting.

[Server]realname = (Must be set in init.cfg) (String)

ircname/realname to appear when people /whois the bot.

[Server]channels (Required) (Must be set in init.cfg) (List)

What channels to join? (Currently limited to one)

[Server]channel passwords = (Must be set in init.cfg) (Dict)

Channel passwords in channel: password format, if needed.

The bot’s nickname is defined in the Bot section


Username/Password authentication

Some servers allow you to authenticate using user/password at connect time. This is the case of most bouncer software and of FreeNode’s NickServ:



Q Authentication

See q_auth: Q authentication after adding q_auth to your module list.

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