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Bot Settings

[Bot]nickname = pypickupbot (Must be set in init.cfg) (String)

The bot’s nickname when connecting to IRC

[Bot]command prefix = ! (Must be set in init.cfg) (String)

Short prefix to address commands to the bot.

[Bot]allow mentions = no (Must be set in init.cfg) (Bool)

Allow the bot to be addressed by mentionning its nickname.

[Bot]warn on unknown command = yes (Must be set in init.cfg) (Bool)

Warn users when they address the bot with an unknown command.

[Bot]max reply splits before waiting = 2 (Must be set in init.cfg) (Int)

When messages are too long to fit in one IRC message, the bot splits it into multiple messages. This is how many messages the bot will send before asking the user to use the !more command.

[Bot]debug = no (Must be set in init.cfg) (Bool)

Wether to enable debug mode. Mainly consists of printing every message received from IRC to standard output. Can be forced on at runtime with the -d switch.

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