pickup_playertracking: Simple game recording


!lastgame [game [game ...]]
!lastgame #id

Tells you what the last started game was, and who played in it. Specify one or more games to filter the search.

The #id form lets you lookup a started game by it’s ID. Everytime a game is started, the bot will print publicly the game’s ID number. You can also find game IDs with the !lastgames command.

!lastgames [game [game ...]]

Lists recently started games.


Lists most participating players over the course of one week (or top10 spread).

Admin commands

!purgegames [keep]

Clears the bot’s database of all games recorded longer than keep ago. (Defaults to top10 spread)


Clears the database of all recorded games.


[Pickup player tracking]top10 spread = 1week (Duration)

Duration !top10 goes back to.

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