pickup: Organized games

pickup is the module that handles games to be signed up for. It lets players add up for each of them until one of them is full, at which point the game is started and the bot announces who is signed up. Rudimentary game recording – namely the !lastgame and !top10 commands – is provided by the pickup_playertracking module(See pickup_playertracking: Simple game recording).

Quick setup for this plugin is explained in the Quick Setup guide.


!pickups [search]

Lists available games.

!add [game [game ...]]

Lets you sign up for available games. Specify one or more games by their short handle(the name outside the parenthesis in !pickups). If no game is specified, signs up for all available games.

!remove [game [game ...]]

Removes you from one or more games. Removes you from all games if no game is specified. You are automatically removed from all games when you leave.

!who [game [game ...]]

Lists people who are signed up. If you specify one or more games it will filter the result.

!promote game

Promotes the specified game with a message inviting people to join.

By default, the channel topic will be updated each time someone adds/removes to reflect current player counts.

Admin commands

!pull player [game [game ...]]

Same as !remove, except it lets you specify another player as you.

!start game

Immediately starts a game even if it isn’t full yet. However, there should at least be enough players for captains to be chosen.

!abort [game [game ...]]

Removes all players from one or more games.


Settings are organized under 3 headings:

  • [Pickup], which contains
  • The games list, [Pickup games]
  • Individual settings for each game

General Settings

promote delay=180
PM each player on start=yes
implicit all games in add=yes
[Pickup]promote delay = 3min (Duration)

Minimum delay in seconds between two promote calls, to prevent spam. Regardless of this setting, players also have to be signed up for a game in order to promote it. Channel admins bypass these restrictions.

[Pickup]PM each player on start = yes (Bool)

If set to yes, the bot will private-message signed up players when their game starts. While useful, it requires the bot to take the time to send each of these PMs with a delay in order not to be killed from the chat network for spam, which makes it appear as slow.

[Pickup]implicit all games in add = yes (Bool)

If set to no, the ability for players to use add without an argument (to sign up for all available games) is removed.

[Pickup]topic = 1 (Int)

As mentioned previously, the bot regularly updates the channel topic in order to reflect player counts for each game. This is the default behavior, with topic set to 1. Set topic to 0 to entirely disable that feature. Set topic to 2 to only show games which have at least one player signed up.

Games List

Each game is to be defined in the games list by a Short name=Full name pair, under the [Pickup games] section:

[Pickup games]
ctf=4v4 Capture The Flag
tdm=5v5 Team Deathmatch

A player would add up for one of these with !add ctf or !add tdm.

Additionally, you can set an order for the games to appear by in the channel topic with the order setting in the same section as the games. Order is otherwise unpredictable.

[Pickup games]order = (List)

This setting should be written at the beginning of the section. It should list the order you want to give to the games. Name each game by their short name:

[Pickup games]
ctf=4v4 Capture The Flag
tdm=5v5 Team Deathmatch

If a game is not mentioned in the order but is defined later, it will be appended to the end of it. If a game appears in the order setting but isn’t defined, it is ignored. If you place the order setting at the end of the section, games not listed in the setting will never appear in the channel topic.

Game-specific settings

For each game, you can have a section named [Pickup: shortname] with settings specific to it.

For instance, to define the 5v5 TDM game from the previous example, one would have:

[Pickup: tdm]

If the section is omitted, the bot will assume the game is to be run with 8 players, 2 of which are captains, with no automatic team picking. This suits the 4v4 CTF example, and therefore you wouldn’t have to define a section with settings for it.

Here are all the settings available in this section:

[Pickup: shortname]players = 8 (Int)

Amount of players needed for the game to be full.

[Pickup: shortname]captains = 2 (Int)

Number of captains to be chosen. If set to 0, the game will have no captains. If autopick is enabled(see below), this is the number of teams to be created.

[Pickup: shortname]autopick = no (Bool)

If set to yes, the bot will automatically pick team members when the game is full. There are no captains, but the captains setting is used to determine how many teams should be created.

[Pickup: shortname]teamnames = Team 1, Team 2, ... (List)

Set this to a list of team names if you want custom team names in autopick mode:

[Pickup: 4wctf]
teamnames=Team blue, Team gold, Team red, Team green

If autopick is enabled and this setting isn’t given, generic team names will be used, such as Team 1 and Team 2.

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